The Japanese Kamasutra
Top Page Anvil Assault on the Chessboard Assault on the Flower petals
Authentic Horseback Riding Authentic Tea-grinding Mill Back of the Tower
Back-ass-ward Bamboo Cracking Beach Plover Behind the Nock Boardwalk
Bottom of the Altar Brooding Buddhist Cross Unraveled Butterfly Clasp
Closed Loins Constraint Court Carriage Crisscross Pine Needles
Cross-legged and Toppled-forward Crossbill Cuddled Tea-grinding Mill Cuddling
Curved Pine Needles Dazzling Brocade Doing-it Sideways Double-belted
Double-flowered Camellia Drizzling Tea-grinding Mill Duck Neck Fancy Cart
Fancy Necking Fiddling with the Confederate Rose Fish Trap Float Bridge Flute
Flying Swallow Foot of the mountain Getting Rammed Goddess Leaning Backward
Good Fortune Gooseneck Hanging Wisteria High Mountains Holding the Bird
Holding the Guardian Deity Horizontal Chrysanthemum Inbound Boat
Inner Frame Knee Brace Lever Stitching Lift-up Lifting the Bale Lion Dance
Mirrored Tea-grinding Mill Moon in the Window Moon-viewing Tea-grinding Mill
Mountain Spring Nutty Peony Perpendicular Pine Needles Plover (Little Bird)
Plunging down the Cliff Pushcart Raft-style Tea-grinding Mill Rainbow Bridge
Restrained Tea-grinding Mill Riding down the Cliff Roly-poly
Sailboat Tea-grinding Mill Scattered Pine Needles Shooting from the saddle
Small Boat Song of the Plover Standing Tower Starling
Stretched Tea-grinding Mill Taming of the Shrew Tight Number Tight Topsy-turvy
Tightfitting Brocade Tightfitting Plover Toppled Hammer Treasure Boat
Tripod Unclassified Under the Table Underneath the Quilt Upright Flower Petals
Warbler in Flight Weaving Tea-grinding Hand Mill Well Bucket
Whether Right or Wrong Whirlpool Writing Desk Ying-Yang